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Worldwide Style: Bangkok Penthouse Apartment

One of my guilty pleasures is window shopping dream properties online. I’m always astonished at the luxury that some houses exude, but I’ve found that the more I look, the more they all begin to look the same; high Georgian ceilings, conservative furniture, and often opulence replaces personality to make a spectacular space, dare I say it, a bit generic. So, when I came across this stunning Bangkok penthouse on one of my favourite luxury property websites Knight Frank, I couldn’t resist sharing it. It’s no secret that I love dark woods and intricate interiors, so this property is right up my street…. all I need is a few million pounds!

GetResThis hallway is truly breathtaking. The two big vases at the entrance provide symmetry but also give some bright colour to a space filled with dark wood. The stained glass in the doors is such a beautiful feature and the accessories in this area compliment them perfectly.

GetRes (10)

GetRes (9)The living area continues the dark woods and deep reds. You can definitely tell this property is in Thailand! I love all of the accessories here, and the intricate mirror is a beautiful piece. Light wall colours and flooring open the space up and stop the dark accessories from becoming oppressive.GetRes (12)Contrastingly to most luxury properties, this bedroom actually looks like someone sleeps in it! The more muted colour scheme here is relaxing, while the big window provides a crazy view over Bangkok. This room is more traditional than most of the living areas, but it works here creating a relaxing feel.GetRes (3)These doors are amazing, and I love that they’ve been made the main feature of this area by surrounding them with white. It makes the doors stand out and emphasises their uniqueness.GetRes (11)Even the office area isn’t complete without a beautiful guilt chair! The flooring adds colour and character to what is a more neutral and less distracting room than the entrance and living areas. Serious work can be done here, while looking out over another amazing view…

What do you think of this penthouse apartment? Do you prefer bold or more muted styles? I’d love to hear from you!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png

All images property of Knight Frank. To view the original property click here.

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